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VIP Racing Experience is a full service marketing company with over 30 years of experience in the racing industry. VIP Racing  Experience has many connections in the NASCAR circuit along with connections in other racing arenas. 
Our VIP Racing Experience sponsorship packages include an itinerary which will include an official race weekend schedule, instructions on how and where to pick up your credentials along with a track map to help you navigate the facility. There will also be on on-site host to ensure you have the ultimate experience at the track. 
Our VIP Racing Experience packages are real sponsorship agreements between yourself and a race team which provides many of the same ‘perks’ enjoyed by major sponsors that spend millions of dollars to advertise in racing. Our packages are just more budget friendly! 
When you become one of our VIP’s, you can rest assured knowing our hosts are fully committed to providing you with an ultimate experience creating great memories that will last long after the checkered flag waves.
Visit our VIP Packages page to find the right experience for you, right now! Click over to our Testimonials page and read real reviews from real people! Head to our ‘Photos‘ page and see just how much fun our VIP’s have at the track! If you have any questions, go to our Contact page and submit your questions for us! We can’t wait to meet you!







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